Address ID Cable Markers

When identification tags are needed in aerial installations and pedestals, the Series 100 Address ID Cable markers are what you need. They have raised white numerals against a black, blue, green, or red background. The numbers are molded into the marker itself and overlaid in white. The cable markers are most often used to identify the last two digits of the house number or apartment number to be serviced on the drop cable.

Black markers are also available with letters A – Z, and abbreviations 1/2, UP, DN, BK, FT, and AP. These markers will become a permanent part of the drop and will not slide or spin on the cable.

Address ID Cablemarkers Feature:

  • UV-stabilized
  • Strips of 10
  • Banded in lots of 100
  • Flag size 1″ wide x 5/8″ high
  • Tie wrap 3″
1*BK Series 100 Address ID Blue
1*GR Series 100 Address ID Green
1*RE Series 100 Address ID Red

(* = numeral)
(Orange and yellow are available by special order.)