Blank Flag Marker Ties

Wire Markers Plus offers a wide selection of cable and wire identification options. Blank Flag Marker Ties are just one of those options. Available in different flag sizes and different lengths, you will find that we have a Blank Flag Marker that will fit your needs.

Wire Markers Plus can custom print by hot stamping on these markers what you need or you can purchase the ties without anything printed.

These Blank Flag Marker zip ties are an ideal solution for a wide range of wire, cable, pipe, and valve identification needs. They are highly durable and reliable. These Flag ties are UV-stabilized for use outdoors, moisture-proof, and are made from one solid piece that makes it hard to tamper with the tie. Once the tie has been attached, you must cut the tie to remove it.

The uses for these Blank Flag Markers are endless. You can use them to identify wires, cables, valves, pipes, equipment, computer racks, or just about anything you can attach a zip tie to.

Flag Markers are Customizable for your application: