Identification Cable Ties

Bundle and identify wires and cables with one product! Identification Cable Ties are a great way to customize your wire and cable identification needs. Our high quality nylon cable ties can be hot stamped to include logos, serial numbers, part numbers and more.

We offer single head and multi-head ID cable ties depending on the size of the wire bundle, the tensile strength required and the size of the write-on area needed.

Single-Head ID Ties:
N-4-18ID (4″, 18 lb. tensile, MS3368-5, 100 or 1000/pkg.)
N-7-50ID (7″, 50 lb. tensile, MS3368-1, 100 or 1000/pkg.)
N-8-18ID (8″, 18 lb. tensile, 100 or 1000/pkg.)
N-14-50ID (14″, 50 lb. tensile, MS3368-2, 100 or 1000/pkg.

Multi-Head ID Ties:
N-7-50ID2 (7″, 50 lb. tensile, MS3368-3, 50/pkg., 2 headed)
N-7-50ID3 (7″, 50 lb. tensile, MS3368-4, 50/pkg., 3 headed)
Cable Tie Tag Material: UV-stabilized nylon