PEARLabel® 400iXL Wide Format Printer

KSun PEARL400iXL Label Printer

The 400iXL is a versatile cartridge based, wide-format thermal transfer printer that prints on adhesive tapes and wide-format heat shrink tube. When used with the PipeMarker V8 software system, you have access to 815 pre-designed pipe markers, 3 new categories, 10+ pipe diameter size capability, pattern printing for creating custom Arrow, Checkerboard, or Diagonal Stripe Tape for plants and facilities. The PipeMarker V8 is a simple way for any company or facility to design and make compliant and custom pipe markers on demand. Anyone who needs to make ASME, ANSI, OSHA, NFPA, IIAR, CGA, NEC compliant marker, tag or label can use this solution.

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  • Easy to load tape and ribbon cartridges save time and wasted materials.
  • Continuous media gives maximum flexibility for custom labels, signs and heat shrink tube marking.
  • Width of tape: 1″ (24mm), 2″ (48mm) and 4″ (100mm)
  • Width of shrink tube: 1″ (24mm), 2″ (48mm)
  • Edge-to-edge borderless printing for larger text and graphics.
  • Margin settings down to 1mm for maximum label design flexibility.
  • Options for making two-color GHS symbols and multiple color labels.
  • 15 Bar Codes including custom design and printing of QR and Data Matrix 2-dimensional codes.