Zero Halogen and UV Stable Cable Label

The iTAG CLXi cable label is specifically designed for the marking of cables, particularly along its route. It is extremely strong with high tear strength properties, suitable for a variety of applications where legible and durable identification is required. The labels are supplied on rolls for thermal transfer printing, which means production, storage and picking are easy and convenient. The material is also hydrolysis resistant which means the material will not break down in reaction to water. The material is also resistant to bacteria attacks. For use in harsh chemical environments the combination of the CLXi material and ribbon type 510 shows great fluid resistance.

Main Attributes:

  • Flame retardant
  • Zero halogen

Further properties:

  • UV Stable Print Quality
  • High Tear Strength Protection
  • Print Performance to Mil. Spec. Standards
  • Three available colours; white, yellow and red
  • High Degree of Mark Permanence
  • Pickability Enabled
  • Rapid 24hr Pre-Print Service Available

Datasheet:  Sumitag Cable Label – CLXi