Helpful Hints for Wire Marking & Cable Identification

Properly marking and identifying the wires and cables utilized in any electrical wiring application is both beneficial for overall project efficiency and productivity, as well as critical to the safety of those involved. From around the house or office to the job site; regardless of how large or small, intricate or simple the task at hand may be, employing a reliable wire marking or cable labeling solution from the very beginning is essential.

Below you will find several highly valuable and informative wire marking, labeling, and cable identification resources, including the top ten best practices for labeling projects, tips for using color labels for cable marking and wire identification, as well as suggestions for utilizing labels and wire markers to help make your home and business safer both inside and out.

10 Best Practices for Labeling Projects
Using Color for Labels, Wire & Cable Marking & Identification
Labels Save Lives: Label the Hard-Working Areas in Your Home, Shop & Small Business