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Markers & Tags for Oyster Farm Equipment

Oyster farm identification equipment is necessary to ensure equipment can be identified in the event of being lost.  These cost-effective and durable markers are used for identification of oyster farming equipment.  They can be customized with a company logo, serial numbers or any other helpful ID information.

Molded Case Breaker Isolation Verification Tags

Molded Case Breaker Isolation Verification Tags

Write-on flag markers for lockout and tag out purposes. Printed on durable hot stamped UV stabilized and moisture proof PVC material withstands any environment. Markers can be printed on with a standard Sharpie™ or have them custom printed by Nelco.

Raised Panel Identification Cable Labels

A cost-saving alternative to engraved legend plates

Brady’s Raised Panel Material are foam-backed polyester labels with an aggressive, permanent adhesive. Thicker and more durable than a normal label, Raised Panel material is a cost-effective alternative to engraved legend plates and are ideal to identify industrial control panels, signal lights and other indoor components, as well as outdoor electrical boxes, instrument panels and more. Using one of Brady’s printers means you can create your labels in real time right in your facility – a more practical and customizable option than traditional legend plates.

Permasleeve® Heat Shrink Wire Markers

Brady PermaSleeve heat shrink wire markers and heat shrink labels offer a permanent, exceptionally convenient, versatile, and easily legible solution for labeling and identifying a wide assortment of wires and cables, and are ideal for use in a broad range of everyday applications!

The PermaSleeve heat shrink labels and wire markers offered in our current inventory can be easily and efficiently utilized for a vast array of cable labeling and wire identification jobs including those in the commercial, industrial, military and aerospace markets. Brady heat shrink wire markers and shrink fit labels are also extraordinarily durable, and can be effectively used in even the hottest and most extreme of environments.

All identification information is permanently adhered to Brady PermaSleeve heat shrink wire markers immediately after printing, with no time-consuming secondary steps or waiting period required-making cable and wire identification a quick and simple process every time! Additionally, even long after abrasion and exposure to solvents and harsh chemicals has occurred, Permasleeve heat shrink label print will continue to remain just as clear and legible as the moment it came off the printer.

Heatex™ Thermal Labels

Brady Heatex™ thermal labels offer a top quality, highly efficient and easily utilized thermal labeling solution ideal for a vast assortment of commercial and industrial cable labeling and wire identification applications!

These exceptionally versatile, highly reliable Heatex thermal labels come nicely organized on a durable backing liner, making it simple to find the precise Heatex thermal label you need for your specific labeling application, and pick it up quickly and easily! The thermal transfer label liner itself is thermal sensitive, offering the extremely convenient option of being able to print mounting instructions and other critical identification information directly next to the Heatex marker equipment.

Brady thermal labeling and wire marker products, including these superior quality Heatex thermal transfer labels, can be easily printed out on numerous different Brady thermal transfer label printers, including the excellent and affordable Bradyprinter™ PR Plus Thermal Transfer Printer.The standard colors currently available for these Heatex thermal labels are yellow and white, though additional thermal printer label colors can also be obtained upon specific request.

Self Laminating Labels

When you need to make custom labels for harsh environments, self-laminating labels are a great choice. These labels come in a variety of sizes and types, including wrap-around cable labels so you can easily identify cables and wires as needed. Self-laminating labels offer protection against the elements, harsh chemicals, adhesives, solvents, and other harmful agents that could damage or destroy your labels. These labels are ideal for CAT 5 cable and wire labeling in data centers.

Product Features:

  • Label Legend is covered while remaining easily visible
  • Label Legend is protected from spills and scratches
  • Free template available for certain ink jet & laser self-laminating labels–no need for additional costly software! Email us for details on the availability a free template.
  • Brady self-laminating wrap around labels are available for printing on dot matrix, laser and inkjet printers. For detailed self-laminating label and wrap around label information, including product specifications and part numbers, simply select the appropriate link to the left

Speak to one of our trained customer service representatives at 1-800-491-2780.

Identification Cable Ties

Bundle and identify wires and cables with one product! Identification Cable Ties are a great way to customize your wire and cable identification needs. Our high quality nylon cable ties can be hot stamped to include logos, serial numbers, part numbers and more.

We offer single head and multi-head ID cable ties depending on the size of the wire bundle, the tensile strength required and the size of the write-on area needed.

Single-Head ID Ties:
N-4-18ID (4″, 18 lb. tensile, MS3368-5, 100 or 1000/pkg.)
N-7-50ID (7″, 50 lb. tensile, MS3368-1, 100 or 1000/pkg.)
N-8-18ID (8″, 18 lb. tensile, 100 or 1000/pkg.)
N-14-50ID (14″, 50 lb. tensile, MS3368-2, 100 or 1000/pkg.

Multi-Head ID Ties:
N-7-50ID2 (7″, 50 lb. tensile, MS3368-3, 50/pkg., 2 headed)
N-7-50ID3 (7″, 50 lb. tensile, MS3368-4, 50/pkg., 3 headed)
Cable Tie Tag Material: UV-stabilized nylon

Sidewinder Cable Tag Labels

Sidewinder cable tag labels are an ideal solution for identification for cables, wires, and other items such as pipes. The Sidewinder cable tags are UV-stabilized so they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are compact and are positioned lengthwise along the item being identified so they will fit in tight spaces such as a crowded cabinet or other tight enclosure where space is at a premium. The sidewinder cable tags can be easily written on with a permanent marker or you can affix a sticker on the white space.

Available in the colors blue, green, orange, red, and yellow, these Sidewinder cable tags are perfect for color-coded identification for all your wires and cables.

Sidewinder Cable Tags Feature :

  • Unique one-piece cable tag design
  • Longitudinal flag facilitates space efficiency
  • Large epoxy-based write-on area
  • Dual tang lock holds securely
  • No application tools required
  • Weather-resistant, to last the life of the drop
  • Fits single and dual cable
  • Tamper-evident design
  • Will not slide or spin
  • Strips of five for field convenience

Sidewinder Cable Tag Dimensions:
Tie-wrap: 3″
Blank Flag: 1 3/8″ W x 5/8″ H
Write-on area: 1 1/4″ W x 1/2″ H
Packaging: Banded in lots of 100
Cable Tie Tag Material: UV-stabilized nylon

Address ID Cable Markers

When identification tags are needed in aerial installations and pedestals, the Series 100 Address ID Cable markers are what you need. They have raised white numerals against a black, blue, green, or red background. The numbers are molded into the marker itself and overlaid in white. The cable markers are most often used to identify the last two digits of the house number or apartment number to be serviced on the drop cable.

Black markers are also available with letters A – Z, and abbreviations 1/2, UP, DN, BK, FT, and AP. These markers will become a permanent part of the drop and will not slide or spin on the cable.

Address ID Cablemarkers Feature:

  • UV-stabilized
  • Strips of 10
  • Banded in lots of 100
  • Flag size 1″ wide x 5/8″ high
  • Tie wrap 3″
1*BK Series 100 Address ID Blue
1*GR Series 100 Address ID Green
1*RE Series 100 Address ID Red

(* = numeral)
(Orange and yellow are available by special order.)

Custom Printed Cable Ties & Heat Shrink Tubing

Wire Makers Plus, offer Custom Printing Services on many of the products, such as custom printed cable ties, blank flag tie markers and heat shrink tubing. Whether you would like to create a marketing product for your business or you would like to identify or number specific items, our Custom Printing Division can help you achieve these goals. We can hot stamp directly onto the items you request be printed on or if you need labels, we can print those as well. A representation of what we can hot stamp onto cable ties, heat shrink tubing, or several other products is below.

  • Part Numbers
  • Lot Numbers
  • Serial Numbers (alphanumeric & sequential numbering)
  • Messages
  • Logos*
  • Various colors, type styles & sizes available
  • Single or multiple line marking
  • Horizontal or vertical print
  • One or two-sided printing
  • Special designs

*To print a logo, camera ready work need to be submitted

Wire Markers Plus offers custom cutting services and if you are using the products as a marketing tool, we can also create custom packages for you too! Just give us a call at 800-491-2780 and speak to one of our trained sales people. They will be happy to help you with lead times and pricing.

Punch-Out Cable Tags

These durable, highly reliable punch-out cable tags provide a convenient, exceptionally versatile 3-way system of wire and cable identification: 1) the color of the cable tag; 2) the write-on area; and 3) the numbered punch-out buttons. These punch-out cable marker tags are ideal for zone or maintenance control.

Available in 8 distinct colors, including black, blue, green, ivory, orange, purple, red, and yellow, these 3-way punch-out cable tags are perfect for color coding!

  • Six punch-out cable tag buttons
  • Large epoxy-based write-on area
  • Dual tang lock holds securely
  • No application tools required
  • Weather-resistant, to last the life of the drop
  • Fits single and dual cable
  • Tamper-evident design
  • Will not slide or spin
  • Strips of ten for field convenience

Punch-out Cable Tag Dimensions:
Tie-wrap: 3″
Blank Flag: 1 1/4 ” W x 5/8″ H
Write-on area: 5/8 ” W x 9/16″ H
Packaging: Banded in lots of 100
Cable Tag Material: UV-stabilized nylon copolymer

Serialized Flag Wire Tie Markers

Serialized Flag Wire Tie Markers provide a quick and easy means to identify equipment, property and evidence as well as a variety of other uses. Bicycle Impound Tie Markers, pictured above, are a popular application as they are used by law enforcement agencies and schools.

We also carry Write-on Serialized Flag Markers that have a white, epoxy-based write-on area that will never rub off. These provide a 3-way ID system utilizing color, serial numbers and custom inscription with an indelible marking pen.

  • Available in 5 different colors for easy identification (Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow
  • Both serialized and write-on serialized markers are available in 6″ lengths
  • Flag sizes are 1-1/8″ x 5/8″. The write-on flags have a write-on area of 7/8″ x 3/8″
  • Available in bundles of 100

Write-on Flag Cable Marker Ties

The ideal cable tie solution for a broad range of wire and cable bundling and identification applications, these versatile, easy-to-use write-on cable marker ties feature a large, white epoxy-based write-on area that is a permanent part of the wire tag and can never rub off. Available in six convenient colors, these UV-stabilized nylon write-on cable ties give you the ability to identify wires, pipes, valves, keys, inventory, and a tremendous assortment of other items. These ties have an operating temperature range of -40°F to 185°F. (-40°C to 85°C) and are UL approved.

Available colors:  Blue, Green, Ivory, Orange, Red, Yellow

Blank Flag Marker Ties

Wire Markers Plus offers a wide selection of cable and wire identification options. Blank Flag Marker Ties are just one of those options. Available in different flag sizes and different lengths, you will find that we have a Blank Flag Marker that will fit your needs.

Wire Markers Plus can custom print by hot stamping on these markers what you need or you can purchase the ties without anything printed.

These Blank Flag Marker zip ties are an ideal solution for a wide range of wire, cable, pipe, and valve identification needs. They are highly durable and reliable. These Flag ties are UV-stabilized for use outdoors, moisture-proof, and are made from one solid piece that makes it hard to tamper with the tie. Once the tie has been attached, you must cut the tie to remove it.

The uses for these Blank Flag Markers are endless. You can use them to identify wires, cables, valves, pipes, equipment, computer racks, or just about anything you can attach a zip tie to.

Flag Markers are Customizable for your application: