Heatex™ Thermal Labels

Brady Heatex™ thermal labels offer a top quality, highly efficient and easily utilized thermal labeling solution ideal for a vast assortment of commercial and industrial cable labeling and wire identification applications!

These exceptionally versatile, highly reliable Heatex thermal labels come nicely organized on a durable backing liner, making it simple to find the precise Heatex thermal label you need for your specific labeling application, and pick it up quickly and easily! The thermal transfer label liner itself is thermal sensitive, offering the extremely convenient option of being able to print mounting instructions and other critical identification information directly next to the Heatex marker equipment.

Brady thermal labeling and wire marker products, including these superior quality Heatex thermal transfer labels, can be easily printed out on numerous different Brady thermal transfer label printers, including the excellent and affordable Bradyprinter™ PR Plus Thermal Transfer Printer.The standard colors currently available for these Heatex thermal labels are yellow and white, though additional thermal printer label colors can also be obtained upon specific request.