BBP™72 Double Sided Thermal Label Printer

Being able to print on both sides of a sleeve sets this BBPTM72 Double Sided Thermal Label Printer apart from other printers on the market. Because you are printing on both sides of the sleeve at the same time, you are going to save both time and reduce the number of errors by not having to rewind and reload the items you are printing on. Printing on both sides of the label also gives you a 360° view on what you printed when the item is applied to the wire, cable, or sleeve. The thermal printer can print on labels up to 4″ wide and heat shrink tubing up to 3″ wide.


  • Ideal for printing on 2 sides of the Brady Permasleeve and Heatex sleeves simultaneously
  • The Brady thermal printer is compatible withLabelMark™ 4 and BradySoft 8.5 software making it easy to create custom labels.
  • Easy to change print media ensuring sharp, professional quality printing
  • Has a durable industrial design