BMP™71 Portable Label Printer

Brady BMP 71 Label Printer

One of the most versatile portable thermal printers available today, the exceptional new Brady BMP71™ portable label printer is the ideal portable thermal printer for virtually any labeling application! Offering more than 400 different label printing options, including the ability to print labels on over 30 different label materials, this easy-to-use portable thermal label printer can help you significantly cut material waste, save time, and create a wide assortment of labels more efficiently than ever before!

Find out more about the Brady BMP71 portable label printer in the demo video below!

The Brady BMP71 Portable Thermal Printer Offers:

      • One source for label materials: The BMP71 portable label printer can print on more than 30 types of label materials – which gives you over 400 label parts to choose from!
      • Get your labeling job done faster with BMP71 portable label printers: Make labels faster than ever before with built-in design wizards, high speed print (1.5″ per second), and storage space for over 100,000 label files.
      • Cut label material waste: There’s no need to waste material on test labels – you can see exactly what your label will look like on the BMP71 portable thermal printer’s large, full color display!