MarkWare™ Facility ID Software

Brady MarkWare Facility ID Software

Signs are an important part of any corporation from identifying exits to identifying chemicals that are being used in a lab and any other situation in between. When you need to print signs for your facility, the MarkWare™Facility ID Software is an excellent solution.

Made by the Brady Corporation, this software has over 1,000 safety and industrial pictograms and a list of 2,000 chemicals, plus many more options. You can even create your own designs with TextArt. Adding your logos, different images, and data from spreadsheets is easy because the MarkWareTM software allows you to import all these to use on your industrial signs. The software also has its own built-in graphics library. You can print your images directly to a Brady Printer or to most Windows® inkjet/laser printers.

Last but not least, the MarkWareTM ID Software user interface can be displayed in 12 languages, including Spanish. This is great for companies with a global presence as well as those who have workers from a variety of backgrounds.

PC running Windows 98 SE, NT 4.0 SP6, 2000 or XP
90 MB available hard disk space
256-color, 640 x 480 pixel or better display
CD-ROM drive (for installing id software)
32 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)