Heatex™ Label Software

Brady Heatex Label Software

Heatex Label Software is a popular choice for label printing and wire marking. This easy-to-use label software system facilitates the printing of Heatex Thermal Labels, self-laminating labels, and custom polyester labels. Whether you want to print a few simple markers or an application containing thousands of characters, a series of simple screen menus enables you to create, modify, print, and delete markers. Heatex Label Software is compatible with any Pentium II computer or better. Installation is easily performed with a menu-driven procedure. We suggest that you use of the PR Plus dpi printer, as this offers the sharpest and darkest print quality.

The powerful Heatex Label Software contains fantastic features including:

  • Fast Print Function
  • Choose any font or point size within the Windows huge array of fonts
  • Labeling software allows multiple lines of text, depending on the marker size selected
  • WYSIWYG data entry
  • Hot buttons are provided to save keystrokes
  • A demo version of the software is available upon request
  • Catalog Number: 337279 Brady Heatex™ Label Software