Flame Retardant Wire Wraps

Wire Markers Plus carries a wide variety of labels and printers that will fit just about any printing need you have. Flame Retardant Wire Wrap parts offer high-performance insulation, durable identification solution for marking wires and cables. The flame retardant wraps are specifically made from a thin polyimide, which features an advanced adhesive and topcoat design that have a self-extinguishing property which help flames from propagating. The flame retardant wraps are perfect for any industry where there are harsh environments such as the Aerospace, mass transit, and Defense industries as well as the automotive and truck industries. These wraps can withstand many chemicals, solvents, oils, lubricating fuels, and detergents as well.

The wire wraps can be used for wire and cable identification as well as flat component labeling and Unique Identification (UID) labeling. These wraps can be used with Brandy Printers such as the Brady printer™ PR Plus Printer, Brady IP™ Printer, and the TLS2200®.

Flame Retardant Wire Wrap Availability

Flame Retardant Wire Wrap will be available in a variety of stock sizes, in white and yellow, for wire and cable marking and component identification. Other colors are available by special order.

Call for Flame Retardant Wire Wrap, Cable Labels & Supplies

For additional product details and specifications on available flame retardant wire wrap, simply give us a call toll-free at 800-491-2780 to speak with a Wire Markers Plus sales representative.