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SumiMark™IV Marking System

The SumiMark™IV is a feature rich, high performance thermal printer that is specifically designed to print on continuous spools of Sumi Mark tubing of various sizes and materials (tubing diameters from 1/16″ to 2″). The printer also prints on SumiMark Printable Marker Tags used for identification of large cables and harnesses. These are ideal in applications not conducive to heat shrink labels or self-adhesive labels.

Easy and efficient to utilize in a wide range of environments, the SumiMark IV thermal label printer is ideal for a broad array of thermal labeling applications, producing a dry, permanent mark that can be handled immediately after printing. The 300 dpi print head offered on this exceptionally versatile, highly reliable SumiMark marking system produces crisp, high quality text, as well as barcodes and graphic images for effective labeling and identification every time.

After recovery, the SumiMark thermal printer sleeves meet the demanding mark permanence requirements of SAE-AS81531 for both abrasion and solvent resistance. The capability of this SumiMark thermal transfer marking system to print on continuous spools of a of a vast assortment of tubing materials including polyolefin, fluoropolymer, and dual wall adhesive lined tubing, allows the end user of the SumiMark printer the ability to design custom marker tags, which can be used in the most demanding and extreme work environments.

The SumiMark IV Thermal Printer Features:

  • High Durability Thermal Transfer Print Technology
  • Prints approx. 60 – 1″ pieces per minute
  • Heat Shrink Tubing Sizes: 1/16″ to 2″
  • Alpha-numeric, up to 4 simultaneous sequences
  • True type fonts & all basic bar coding capabilities
  • Mark Permanence Specifications: SAE-AS81531, MIL-S-85848, MIL-Std-202F, Method 215G

For updates and technical information on the SumiMark printer, click here.

Wraptor™ Wire ID Thermal Transfer Printer

When it comes to powerful yet highly efficient thermal labeling systems, the Brady Wraptor Wire ID thermal transfer printer is one of the best investments you can make! Exceptionally versatile and simple to use in a wide variety of thermal labeling applications, Wraptor Wire ID thermal transfer printers are print-and-apply labeling machines, offering a wide range of extremely effective solutions for wire marking and cable labeling.

Wraptor Wire ID thermal transfer printers bring a superior level of production efficiency to wire and cable labeling projects by combining the printing and application of labels into one single unit. Forget about printer queues. Forget about printer waste. The Brady Wraptor Wire ID thermal transfer printer makes cable and wire labeling and identification a quick and easy process every time, printing the label you need instantly, in 5 seconds or less! There are simply no other thermal transfer printers available today that are this appealing!

With quality and performance previously unseen in thermal transfer wire labeling systems, the highly reliable Wraptor Wire ID thermal transfer printer is also low maintenance, allowing you to focus on your work instead of dealing with time-consuming printer problems-again.

Let the Brady Wraptor Wire ID thermal transfer printer become an integral partner in your business, streamlining your wire and cable labeling applications so you can get the job done, and get it done right!

Wraptor Wire ID Thermal Transfer Printer Communication Interfaces:

  • Serial: RS-232C USB
  • Ethernet
  • CompactFlashWraptor Label Printer Physical Features
  • Height: 17.750″ (450.90 mm)
  • Width: 14.500″ (368.30 mm)
  • Depth: 22.500″ (571.50 mm)
  • Weight: 85 lbs. (38.5 kg)
  • Operating temperature: 50: to 105:F (10: to 41:C)

Brady BBP81 Thermal Printer

With the capacity to print up to 5,000 labels in 12 hours, the Brady BBP81 Thermal Printer makes printing high quality thermal transfer labels quick, easy and convenient! This thermal transfer printer is ideal for even the toughest of industrial environments, providing the enhanced productivity, reliability and durability you expect from any Brady thermal transfer label printer. The Brady BBP81 thermal printer will consistently produce sharp, top quality labels for a wide range of labeling applications including but not limited to: Barcode labeling, circuit board labeling, data communications labeling, DoD UID, safety & maintenance identification, general & industrial labeling, product identification, security identification, and wire & cable marking.


  • Automatic calibration-when turned on, thermal printer automatically adjusts sensor levels and thresholds, determines lengths and feeds media
  • USB connectivity for plug and play simplicity
  • Easily prints on a wide range of thermal transfer label materials including paper, polyester, metallized polyester, polymide and Permasleeve™materials
  • Improved BradyConnect 10/100 Print Server allows faster processing and simultaneous use of parallel & Ethernet connectivity

BBP™72 Double Sided Thermal Label Printer

Being able to print on both sides of a sleeve sets this BBPTM72 Double Sided Thermal Label Printer apart from other printers on the market. Because you are printing on both sides of the sleeve at the same time, you are going to save both time and reduce the number of errors by not having to rewind and reload the items you are printing on. Printing on both sides of the label also gives you a 360° view on what you printed when the item is applied to the wire, cable, or sleeve. The thermal printer can print on labels up to 4″ wide and heat shrink tubing up to 3″ wide.


  • Ideal for printing on 2 sides of the Brady Permasleeve and Heatex sleeves simultaneously
  • The Brady thermal printer is compatible withLabelMark™ 4 and BradySoft 8.5 software making it easy to create custom labels.
  • Easy to change print media ensuring sharp, professional quality printing
  • Has a durable industrial design

Panduit Thermal Transfer Label Printer

Panduit’s TDP43ME desktop thermal transfer label printer is compact and lightweight allowing for use in either an office setting or in a remote location such as a job site. With 300 dpi, the thermal label printer creates labels with superior legibility. The Panduit printer can print on self-laminating labels, non-laminated labels, and heat shrink labels just to name a few. To see the whole Panduit printer label line that Wire Markers Plus carries, please visit our Panduit Label page. The Panduit label printer can handle up to 4″ wide labels and can print a continuous label for those labels that do not fit in the standard label size.

The Panduit label printer allows network installers, electrical contractors, MRO groups, custom control panel builders, and wire and cable harness houses the ability to create wire and cable markers, terminal block labels, equipment labels, marker plates, panel labels, network labels, and safety and facility labels.

The thermal printer connects straight to a computer using either a USB port or an Ethernet port and requires a Windows OS. The Panduit Thermal Transfer Label printer comes with Panduit Easy-Mark® Software.

GlobalMark® Industrial Label Maker

Brady Globalmark Label Printer

Brady is known industry wide for the highest quality printers available. The GlobalMark® Industrial Label Maker is a very versatile printer. You can print labels, signs, markers, and tags all with the change of a ribbon. The GlobalMark® printer can handle ribbon and label sizes from ½” wide to 4″ wide. The industrial printer has over 290 built in symbols which makes it very easy to drag-and-drop symbols and create your labels right on the touch pad screen. The GlobalMark® printer uses the Windows® CE operating system to power your labels.

Wire Markers Plus offers two different GlobalMark Industrial printers. The 76800 GlobalMark® Multicolor and the 76801 GlobalMark® Color and Cut. The GlobalMark® Color and Cut has an industrial grade cutter to give your labels a crisp sharp edge.

Some of the features of the GlobalMark® Industry Label Maker:

  • Create labels right at the printer. No other software needed
  • Allows 3 different tape widths from ½” wide to 4″ wide
  • 11 ribbon colors and 14 vinyl tape colors available
  • The resin ribbon provides excellent water, UV, abrasion, and chemical resistances
  • Built in templates
  • User can use different type sizes on the same label
  • Two-line liquid crystal display 16 characters wide
  • Useable with a computer when you have MarkWareTM software installed
  • Windows® CE operating system


Brady File Management Utility allows you to:

  • Transfer files from your PC to your GlobalMark and from your GlobalMark to PC
  • Manage your existing GlobalMark files
  • Update your GlobalMark operating system when upgrades are available. Simple to run when connected to your PC

IP® Thermal Transfer Printer

Brady IP Label Printer

The Brady IP® Thermal Transfer Printer is a smart solution for high-performance printing. The Brady IP Printer is a fully integrated, easy to use printer, material, and software system. Smart Cell technology allows the printer, materials, and ribbon to communicate with each other. The Brady IP printer will determine the label material you are using and will adjust the ribbon for the highest quality printing. The system also offers automatic formatting and user-friendly printer features for labels, sleeves, and tags.


  • Detects loaded material and ribbon and displays the user information on the LCD
  • The material information is sent to the software, where template and settings are automatically populated
  • Create data on template, then click and print


Brady BBP®33 Label Printer

Brady BBP33 Label Printer

With this high quality label printing solution, you get no more tedious, time-consuming set ups or calibrations, no more difficult-to-load materials, no more wasted labels, and no more hassles! This fantastic Brady BBP 33 Label Printer “reads” your cartridges and then automatically sets up the label correctly in your Brady Software. Following the reading, this product will print your custom labels in color.

The record fast material changeovers offer foolproof “drop-in” ribbon & cartridges–just drop in the cartridge, lock it and start typing–that’s it! Also, enjoy absolutely no label waste, as the BBP33 prints on the first label–even on sleeves. The calibration, alignment and sensor adjustments are automatic, saving you labels and money.

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No more tedious, time-consuming setups or calibrations. No more difficult-to-load materials. No more wasted labels. No more hassles!

This fantastic printer “reads” your cartridges and then automatically sets up the label correctly in your Brady Software.

The record fast material changeovers offer foolproof “drop-in” ribbon & cartridges–just drop in the cartridge, lock it and start typing–that’s it! Also, enjoy absolutely no label waste, as the BBP33 prints on the first label–even on sleeves. The calibration , alignment and sensor adjustments are automatic, saving you labels and money.

This all-purpose label maker meets the needs of the following applications:

  • Wire & label panels AND safety & arc flash labels
  • Rating plates & circuit board labels AND production line facility labels
  • Pipe markers & 5S labels AND general purpose die cut labels
  • Plus, custom label sizes are available!

Cembre MarkinGenius® Thermal Label Printer

The Cembre MarkinGenius® MG3 has been exclusively designed for the identification of conductors and electrical components. The MG3 is a high resolution thermal transfer printer that prints tags for cables, pipes and tubes; terminal block markers and legends and labels for all electrical panels, components and equipment. The MG3 is highly efficient with a monochrome ribbon that can print more than 300.000 MG-TPMF 4×10 mm cable tags with full printable surface coverage.

Panduit® PanTher™Hand-Held Thermal Transfer Label Printer

The Panduit PanTher™ LS8 model is an incredible, easy-to-use hand-held thermal transfer label printer that offers a simple and highly efficient solution for quick and easy thermal label printing for a wide range of custom cable and wire labeling applications.

Ideal for on-site labeling jobs, this versatile, highly reliable Panduit printer offers simple, exceptionally convenient computer connectivity through a convenient USB interface for importing data, system upgrades, as well as printing labels from a wireless laptop or desktop computer!
Panduit PanTher™ LS8 Thermal Transfer Label Printer Features:

  • The crisp thermal transfer print of this Panduit printer greatly enhances label appearance
  • Flexibility to choose individually cut labels or a strip of tear-apart labels for quicker installation
  • Panduit PanTher label printer features cut-to-length technology to avoid wasting labels
  • Panduit printer label cassettes contain an integrated memory device for automatic formatting
  • Compact hand-held Panduit PanTher™ thermal transfer label printer design makes it easy to hold the label printer in one hand while working

BMP™21-PLUS Thermal Label Printer

The BMP21-PLUS is all of the BMP21 and better. This new updated portable label printer is the most durable portable label printer on the market today. With all the great features and benefits of the BMP 21, but with protective bumpers and internal shock resistance. Even better, the price has been lowered–Only $95.00!

The BMP21-PLUS uses the same cartridges as the BMP 21.

Check out the demo video below!

BMP™71 Portable Label Printer

Brady BMP 71 Label Printer

One of the most versatile portable thermal printers available today, the exceptional new Brady BMP71™ portable label printer is the ideal portable thermal printer for virtually any labeling application! Offering more than 400 different label printing options, including the ability to print labels on over 30 different label materials, this easy-to-use portable thermal label printer can help you significantly cut material waste, save time, and create a wide assortment of labels more efficiently than ever before!

Find out more about the Brady BMP71 portable label printer in the demo video below!

The Brady BMP71 Portable Thermal Printer Offers:

      • One source for label materials: The BMP71 portable label printer can print on more than 30 types of label materials – which gives you over 400 label parts to choose from!
      • Get your labeling job done faster with BMP71 portable label printers: Make labels faster than ever before with built-in design wizards, high speed print (1.5″ per second), and storage space for over 100,000 label files.
      • Cut label material waste: There’s no need to waste material on test labels – you can see exactly what your label will look like on the BMP71 portable thermal printer’s large, full color display!

BMP®53 Brady Label Printer

Brady BMP53 Label Printer

WireMarkersPlus brings you the wireless BMP53 Brady label printer. The BMP53 printer is a compact, versatile, portable label maker ideal for use in a wide range of everyday cable and wire labeling applications. The rugged design, of the BMP53printer, can survive in harsh environments, extreme temperatures, and can survive a 4 foot drop onto concrete. The Brady BMP53printer features built-in Bluetooth® technology which makes this a great printer for mounting in trucks or making a central printing station at the office or manufacturing plant. When used in conjunction with the free Brady Mobile Android App, you can design and print top quality labels using your Android phone!

The Android phone app has templates to make general id, barcode, Bix 66 & 110 blocks, patch panels, wire and cable ID, flags, and terminal block labels. The Brady label material won’t fade, smear, or fall off. The BMP53 in conjunction with the LabelMark™ label design software (purchased separately) and your PC allows you to create advanced designs on the labels which may include your company logo and company information along with other graphics.

In a class all its own among portable label makers, this highly reliable Brady label printer has 3 different options for battery power. The top-loading cartridges make it easy to change cartridges on-the-go when different size labels are needed. The label maker also has a built in cutter so that there is less waste of labels compared to a label maker that does not have a built in cutter. The BMP53 Brady label printer prints professional labels up to 1.5″ wide, has up to 130 different label options, and has a 300 dpi print head. It can print continuously at a speed of 1 inch per second.

WireMarkersPlus’ warehouses are kept fully stocked allowing us to guarantee on-time delivery, exceptional quality, expert customer service and the best, most competitive prices anywhere! Ordering is easy: For more information or to place an order, contact one of our experienced customer service representatives at 800-491-2780; Click on the Chat with Us Live at the top of the page; or click on the Request for Quote button and one of our experienced sales people will contact you.

Find out much more about the BMP53 portable Brady label printer in the demo video below!

BMP®51 Brady Label Maker

Brady BMP51 Label Printer

BMP®51 Label Maker is a printer that helps you get the job done – and gets it done faster, easier, and with confidence. This label maker has a large display and easy-to-use interface, so you can create, edit and print your labels in seconds without being connected to a PC. Even changing materials is a snap; just drop in the cartridge, and the printer will calibrate the rest!

With 20 label materials with widths up to 1.5”, the BMP®51 Label Maker offers impressive versatility for a portable printer. It’s an all-in-one printing system for on-the-job industrial labeling.

Get the job done FASTER.

  • Fast, 1 inch per second, print speed
  • Change supplies in seconds with hassle-free drop-in cartridges.
  • Automatic label formatting – no manual calibration!

Get the job done EASIER.

  • The QWERTY keyboard and large backlit screen let you quickly create your labels
  • Battery options for portability (AA batteries, rechargeable Li-Ion battery or AC power).
  • Prints on over 190 continuous and diecut labels (using the same cartridges as the BMP53)

Get the job done WITH CONFIDENCE.

  • Over 20 different materials, the ones Brady has built its reputation on, are available
  • The rugged design of the printer allows it to work in harsh environments and survive 4 foot drops

BMP®41 Brady Label Printer

Are you using two label printers when you could use one? The BMP®41 label printer works as a general labeler but can also handle tough jobs like wire marking. The BMP41 Label Printer is built for many applications including: electrical, telecom, lean or general facility ID. It is great for creating wire wrap, self-laminating labels, panel labels, workstation ID, barcode labels, indoor/outdoor facility ID, asset labels and much, much more.

Epson LW-PX900 Label Printer

Epson LW-PX900 hand held label printer

The Epson LW-PX900 label printer is the future of economical and time-saving electronic label, heat-shrink tube, and bar-code printers. The K-Sun LW-PX900 label printer features a high-speed, 360dpi print output that creates highly visible and detailed labels, bar codes and wire identification faster and with better detail than our competitor’s models*. A 4mm standard lead margin, and the ability to reduce tape waste down to 1mm is an industry leading cost saving feature.

Epson LW-PX900 Label Printer Highlights:

  • Saves on wasted tape with short 4mm lead margin*
  • Fast print speeds of up to 35mm/sec
  • Prints label widths up to 36mm (1.5″)
  • Prints on shrink tube up to 21mm (7/8″) wide
  • Crisp, clear 360 dpi printing resolution
  • Print on die-cut square, circle, or oval supplies
  • Cost-effective tape cartridges yield more labels
  • Half-cut function makes it easy to serialize strips of labels
  • “Drop-Stop” and “Pick-and-Print” features help users quickly and easily print in the field
  • Industrial strength removable magnets included in the full kit
  • Information can be uploaded and stored into the printer via the software and USB cable
  • Integrated handle makes it easier to carry around the workplace, or in the field
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified


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